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Acutis Apr 14, 2022 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Acutis and iSpecimen enter partnership in sequencing services

We are delighted to share that Acutis will expand its sequencing services in partnership with iSpecimen's global online biospecimen marketplace.

Through this new relationship, Acutis will now offer sequencing services to iSpecimen’s global research community to help better understand genetic mutations and their impact on diseases like COVID-19 and cancer. Biospecimen samples for these diseases and corresponding sequencing data are in high demand among researchers working on developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics that could lead to life-saving medical interventions.

"This important initiative between Acutis and iSpecimen highlights our ongoing efforts to advance research in the areas of oncology and COVID-19 today," said our CEO, Jibreel Sarij. "Furthermore, our investment in personnel, technology, and other essential resources allows us to provide high-quality, whole-genome sequencing to iSpecimen for COVID-19 remnants, tumor samples, and other biospecimens of interest."

Acutis has developed a sequenced library of COVID samples containing several significant variants of concern. We continue to increase our NGS capacity and look forward to working with more key stakeholders in the future.

We anticipate sharing additional information about this meaningful endeavor, enabling more robust research on these diseases and the development of life-saving tools. Read the full press release here.

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